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Simple & General purpose wireless digital I-O transmitter & receiver. The output has a relay contacts for switching AC or DC loads, up to 5 amp. Solenoids can be driven from a remote place. The range is about 100 meters, but can be extended up to 500 meters, by additional antenna.

Pairing can be done on site. Simple 3 step procedure .. & pairing is done on BT-100

There are two small push buttons to make pairing on site, (Without any Software) One is RESET & other is FIND.

Pairing of SD-1000 or BT-100

SD-1000 & BT-100 both are same, as regards pairing is concerned.

Pairing of SD-100-Step-4-of 6

Pairing of BT-100 & SD-1000 is same.

Pairing of UD-100 with SD-1000 (BT-100)

For product SG 100 W

Portable Battery Powered CNC Code Loader Machine Product Description: This is an ideal, easy to use CNC program transfer unit with editing facility.

RS 232 Opto Isolator for CNC Communication Product Description: This is a safety device having optical isolation between RS232 of PC and CNC.

CIMCO Online Productivity Monitoring Product Description: This system has 8 different ways to capture the live data from the machine tool. The price indicated is valid only for CIMCO Software of one channel with FOCAS 2 interface. Contact DIGITECH for other interfaces.